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Does Appearance Influence Quest for SERP? @Pallab666 via #hshdsh


Does Appearance Influence Quest for SERP?

SERP Experiments for Ranking by @pallab666 via #hshdsh

Oh yes absolutely! Index, location timestamps and what you publish from an authoritative medium connected by even more authoritative connections who too are publishing timestamps including via IPv4 nodes from mobile devices that further enacts global positioning location probabilities every time they choose to proffer vocally on social channels. More you appear more you determine mentions and more your mentions are decoded from authoritative nodes vied as upcoming trend setting channels where the world logs in. Nice that would be unless you overdo and get daggered.

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Yahoo losing the plot with non targeted cheap native advertisements!

Yahoo losing the plot with non targeted cheap native advertisements! #plbkkt via @blogs4bytes40% Yahoo’s display ad inventory sold now as via native ads and most if not all are non targeted direct response advertisements.

Yahoo’s inability to drive top brands for native advertising formats is crookedly based on decoy marketing and thus relinquishing targeted advertisement delivery to parlay an engaging user experience session.

Yahoo’s homepage sheen is slowly but surely wearing off with latest critical remarks suggested by web publishing industry experts that indicates the obtrusive ad content delivery in the name & spirit of native advertising. With 40% of Yahoo’s display ad inventory sold now as via native ads, non targeted direct response advertisements are clearly & sadly getting cheap. (Source)

Native in-stream ads on Yahoo homepage are today increasingly getting cluttered with decoy native ads for products like hair solutions, mortgages and sleazy trashy medical miracle products. With one side of the industry competitors relating advertisements based on user’s previous visit history & activity, it’s baffling to see Yahoo doing it all so wrong amidst a novel content marketing strategy that promises user focused advertisement messaging.

Yahoo Native Advertisements - Are they losing the plot? #Go_native via @blogs4bytesYahoo’s native marketing model is more possessed with a scheme of decoy marketing plot fighting in the shadows of native content strategy yet totally non targeted!

The amount of data Yahoo has about its users from the days of inception through glory and then witness them come apart in the inability to feed user targeted ad content delivery does say a lot about where they are headed!

Interestingly Yahoo’s highly visual & social ads built around Tumblr further baffles advertisers in understanding why can’t the Yahoo homepage don’t look like its glossy new magazines style!

Here are some classic advertisement plots founding scheming decoy marketing amidst native advertisement formats:

In this in-stream native ad for eSalon offering remedies in gray hair is appallingly non targeted as the user in this case did not have grey hair (Source)

Another native ad spot displays quit-smoking remedy to a user who has never smoked before. (Source)

Yahoo, are they losing the plot with #Go_native?

Non Targeted Yahoo Native Ads Losing the Plot // #plbkkt via @blogs4bytes
Non Targeted Yahoo Native Ads Losing the Plot // #plbkkt via @blogs4bytes

#plbkkt via @blogs4bytes

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Title: Yahoo losing the plot with non targeted cheap native advertisements!

Author: Pallab Kakoti // Bio

Published: 21 September 2014

Category: Native Advertising

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If anything, tattoos are a modern adaptation of self-expression & the physical act of tattooing is a symbolism to freedom.


The Tattoo Survey // Trying to debunk the myth of tattoo as taboo!

#Tattoos Aren't Junk but an Art form! … // #The_Tattoo_Project with @OtinFlewer by @KingDevil //
#Tattoos Aren’t Junk but an Art form! … // #The_Tattoo_Project with @OtinFlewer by @KingDevil //

Tattoo issues for employers depend largely on what kind & where the tattoo is sported by employees and certainly the law tends to support employer dress code/appearance policies. Moreover employers branding image must be regulated with consistency by retaining flexibility in creating rules for their policies.

Consider it this way, a concierge of a four-star hotel with large tattoos ok skulls & crossbones on the back of each hand will implicate scenarios that might concern the management compared to a dishwasher from the same hotel with the same tattoos due to lesser direct contact with the hotel’s customers.

A survey conducted by Pew Research Centre on the perception & implication of tattoos in the workplace offers the following interesting statistics



Totally Unrelated here below // Via #hshdsh

#ProbabilityScores. tw / g+ / fb

#ContentScores. tw / g+ fb

#ContentEngagement. tw / g+ / fb


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Title: Tattoos Aren’t Junk but an Art form and Neither Stigma nor Deviant! Tweet This!

Author: Pallab Kakoti // Bio

Published: 18 September 2014


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@Twitter, Make 140 Characters first face of a story. introduce a cover story follow up tweets. From @blogs4bytes

Introducing SmashdasH via #hshdsh

@Twitter,  Make 140  Characters first face of story. introduce  cover story follow  up tweets.  From @blogs4bytes
Make 140
Characters first face
of story. introduce
cover story follow
up tweets.
From @blogs4bytes

Here’s an inane extraction // why should twitter make 140 characters the first face of a story and introduce a cover story follow up the tweet. Twitter’s philosophy of contenting updates via tweets is based on how shortly we can define experiences & occurrences. User’s at times feel the need for the extra characters and will also help preserve the context of the tweet messages by without forced errors from synced Facebook, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram messages.

By forced errors we are referring to the incomplete words that sometimes indexes via updates on twitter from other synced social networks. a vine video tweet may come up like

Decoy Marketing via // Thanks to for the subject // // via

Here because the tweet originated from a pin board on Pinterest. Unlike Twitter, Pinterest gives much more space than the former so that the original context and meaning of the tweet including words don’t go missing to stop create four nought four pages.

Twitter ideologies are thereby also not hurt by the amendment of 140 characters. Make the new system more prone to intelligent detection of sentences that are formed before publishing the final 140 including the links, hashtags & images. Easier said than done of course!

Cover story follow up tweet of the intended first tweet will allow the indexing of the complete context of a social networking updates and also preserving an error free publish on behalf of the user.

paranoid #foodforthought //
paranoid #foodforthought //

Paranoid #Food for thought!

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 @Twitter, Make 140 Characters first face of a story. introduce a cover story follow up tweets. From @blogs4bytes

Pallab Kakoti | Author Bio

Published: 09 September 2014

Category: blogs4bytes, plbkkt

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#Mangalyaan Mars Orbital Insertion Countdown at @blogs4bytes

The countdown to India’s maiden mission to Mars Orbital Insertion on September 2014 to make India one of the elite few to have dared the conquest of time & space between Earth & Mars. Cheers & Kudos to ISRO. We are proud of you guys!

#plbkkt via #blogs4bytes

Mangalyaan Mars Orbital Insertion Countdown – September 24 2014

Mars Orbital Insertion Countdown


Hello Beautiful!

Artist's rendering of the MOM orbiting Mars // Source Wiki via @blogs4bytes
Artist’s rendering of the MOM orbiting Mars // Source Wiki via @blogs4bytes


All you need to know the Mars Orbiter Mission // #Mangalyaan – Prosper Journey // Good luck & Godspeed!

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#Mangalyaan Mars Orbital Insertion Countdown at @blogs4bytes

Author: Pallab Kakoti // Bio

Category: Blogs4Bytes

Published: 30 August 2014


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Google is dogfooding (tech slang for working out the glitches) its next generation bookmarking extension Stars which has been doing the rounds on & off the Chrome App store with the latest leak reported in mid August 2014.

Google Stars Bookmarking Sneak Peek via #hshdsh at @blogs4bytes
Google Stars Bookmarking Sneak Peek via #hshdsh at @blogs4bytes

Google Stars works similar to Pinterest and looks like Google Drive as well as an able replacement for +1 button. Source

Once the Google Stars chrome extension gets installed, the welcome screen enlists the following benefits:

  • Advanced Search
  • Beautiful Grid Interface
  • Drag and Drop UI
  • Auto Organization by Topic
  • Enhanced Security
  • Social Sharing

The extension then automatically collates history of topics that you’re fascinated with or stuff that has been bookmarked by you according to a date based timeline. Users can organize the saved bookmarks or add stars into the folders for easier access and then further opt to share the folders. The extension typically replaces the “bookmark” icon in Chrome’s omnibox another term for the address bar ensuring that users do not generate duplicate bookmarks by instead directing & marking new bookmarks into Stars.

Google Stars extension dashboard allows users to search saved bookmarks, engage with bookmarks by editing & socially sharing it with friends & followers as they organize their bookmarks using a Google Drive like folder system.

Stars for +1 // #plbkkt via #hshdsh
Stars for +1 // #plbkkt via #hshdsh

How much of Google Stars will actually implicate SEO is hard to say for now but one thing that Stars promises is it can better quality signal to Google than a +1 vote. +1s are public by default and Stars are private by default. Who knows in the days to come, Google may decide to integrate Stars as one of their many ranking signals in the near future. Until then we wait till they officially launch the handy chrome extension.

Owing to the on & off screen appearances in the Chrome App store, the installation file once downloaded needs to be dragged inside browser extension page from Tools > Extension. Clicking on the downloaded file may not successfully trigger the complete installation for the Google Stars Chrome extension.


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Author: Pallab Kakoti // Bio

Category: Google

Published: 28 August 2014


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