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#TheNextBigThing is not @Facebook never was @Yahoo and can never be @Google+ #Pallab_Scoop via #Pallab_Blogger for @blogs4bytes

The Next Big Thing is not Facebook never was Yahoo and can never be Google+

One Interface that collates all that you say & do across web including social media brought under one unified platform is the bee in the wannabe!  –


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#Pallab_Scoop via #Pallab_Blogger for #Pallab_WP

Social Selling // Conversions Analysis: The New Facets of Lead Generation via Social Media

Over the last several years, social media has emerged as an effective tool for generating leads. Two-thirds of online adults use social networking, and almost half use it daily. …….image edited by #blogs4bytes


The use of social media platforms by sales people to generate leads and convert them into successful B2B conversions to generate revenue is summed as the concept of social selling. It’s an approach that leverages the use of various social media tools to filter targeted information based on locations, business verticals & social media profiles. The process enables sales professionals to post social updates, tweets & messages on the social media domain from their personal accounts to build their credibility as industry experts.






Some may see conversion as an online transaction, others as a sign up or an upgrade to a paid plan. Conversion objectives vary and are therefore crucial to define the attributes for different referrers & social networks. Determine the original referrer as the first touch attribution where they first heard & saw the social content or was it the referrer of the visit where the story was seen and where the actual conversion occurred as the last touch attribution.





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